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Exchange Programs


An international not-for-profit organization working to advance education, research, and mutual understanding across the United States and the nations of Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Southeast Europe.
International educational exchanges offer educators and their students an opportunity to broaden their understanding of one another's cultures, customs and languages.
Provides opportunities for qualified educators and administrators to participate in direct exchanges of positions with colleagues from other countries for up to one year.
A program that promotes job swaps (and homes) with teachers in Australia, the UK, the US, Spain, Germany, or other provinces in Canada.
Opportunities are available with Australia, The United Kingdom, The United States, The Federal Republic of Germany (teachers must be fluent in the language), and other Canadian Provinces. There is also an exchange program with Quebec and France.
The National Gallery of Art hosts teams of teachers at a special technology seminar devoted to planning new electronic educational programs that can be offered on the Gallery's Web site.
SAETL provides social and cultural support for teachers participating in SA's Exchange teacher programme. SAETL provides practical suggestions, advice, and friendship to exchangees and their families.
The Australian TAFE Staff Exchange Council (ATSEC) has been established to assist in the internationalisation of TAFE through the promotion of professional development opportunities for staff of member institutes both in Australia and overseas.
Information for Tasmanian teachers wanting to participate in an exchange program.
Mary Ann Taylor describes her Fulbright Teacher Exchange to Oulu, Finland.
Working with partners in the UK, the British Council helps to share British expertise and talent with over 100 countries worldwide.
The Tyler Junior College Teacher Exchange Program provides the opportunity for qualified educators to participate in direct exchanges of positions with colleagues from other countries for six weeks, a semester, or a full academic year.
This program offers American teachers an opportunity to spend a year teaching English at "key" (selective) secondary schools in China, and Chinese teachers a chance to teach Chinese language and culture and/or English as a second language in American schools.
This leading exchange program is for international educators who want to teach in the United States. VIF seeks to transform lives - of students, teachers and communities -through cultural exchange.