Using an Online Job Search Portal

Job Portals play significant role in finding a suitable job.Today job seekers have a clear advantage over those in the past with the Internet. After making your resume you can use job portals to find permanent work or contract jobs. Your resume will describe what you are looking for, you educational and work backgrounds, as well as provide references in some cases. Each Internet job portal will have its own set of forms for you to fill out in order to apply for the vacant jobs on its site. After filling these out you will log in to the portal and search through a jobs list that is full of vacant jobs. You can narrow you search by location, industry and even salary, until you get it down to just the vacant jobs you are interesting in applying for.

After you have compiled this list you can contact the companies with a cover letter and resume letting them know you are interested in applying for their vacant job. At this point you then just wait for the company to contact you to schedule an interview. Here are five tips that can help maximize your use of job portals to search for vacant jobs:

1. Do not over look opportunities for contract or temporary jobs. The jobs may be short term but they are excellent ways to make money while you find a permanent position. They can also get you contacts with in the industry you are interested in working in that will lead to permanent employment in the future. Additional they can provide you will new skills and experiences that will build to your resume.

2. Be sure to build you resume with online job portals in mind. Many of the resumes uploaded to these site are not looked at directly. Instead employers feed them into a database in which they search from. This means you need to be sure to have the keywords that those in your industry are going to be looking for.

3. Do not provide too much personal information in your resume. Just your phone number and email is going to be enough. Also do not provide phone numbers of you previous employers or references unless the vacant job post specifically request it. You should never need to give out your address or social security number unless you are being hired.

4. Check out the discussion forums on each site This can be a great place to get advice and make connections they may lead to you getting a job.

5. Remember that should never be a fee for a job. If someone is asking for a payment this is not a legitimate job.

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