Top Five Gas and Oil Interview Questions

There are various formats in which interviews in the Oil and Gas industry can be presented. There may be various experiences such as in-person meetings or phone interviews. Typically you will also be faced with a variety of questions to help determine your personality, skill-set and knowledge.


Below are some common Oil and Gas interview question and how they should be handled, this will help you have a better idea of what to expect.


  1. Have you ever been part of a project which required working alongside people with various career or educational backgrounds? If so, describe your experience.


Being as most roles in the Oil and Gas industry require working with teams to achieve goals and complete tasks, these are common questions asked in order to evaluate your communication and collaboration skills. In preparation for responding this question, it is important to thoroughly review the job description so you are fully aware of what “teamwork” implies in the context of the role. For example, are they looking for someone who is able to help out and take on various roles when required, if that is the case make sure your response highlights this.


Oil and gas companies require employees who innovate as they do so themselves as this post from Fircroft shows.


2) “Describe a time where a group project didn’t go as planned. How did you adapt?”


This question is a tricky one to answer. Colossal failures are not something you want to bring up, however your response should not be sugar coated. One thing that you should definitely avoid is casting a negative light on your team members in an attempt to come across as the hero ” this approach is one that an interviewer will see right through. What is your best bet? Choose an example in which a fairly important project did not go the right way because of you. Describe the situation without dwelling on it ” the problem-solving steps that were taken to rectify the issue should be your main focus as well as what you learned in the end. This will allow a potential employer to see that you are able to not only take responsibility for your actions, but also learn from your mistakes.


  1. How would you test out a subsea cable system?


Oftentimes, entry-level roles in Oil and Gas are very technical and require extensive knowledge of intricate equipment such as oil well machinery and pipeline systems. Therefore if a technical question such as this one were to come up at your interview, do not be surprised. Prior to responding, make sure that you are fully aware of what it is the interview wants, however to not take too long to answer. You want to guarantee that a potential employer is aware that you know your material inside and out.


  1. Why would you like to work for this company?

As in any industry, Gas and Oil employers want employees that are not only passionate about their field of expertise, yet are also able to alight with the culture of the company. To really offer an answer that will stand out, make sure that you have reviewed the values of the company and have tailored your answer to highlight those points. To really show that you do have specific reasons for wanting to work for their firm, really do your homework. For example, if you find innovation important, try bringing up how you admire the way they incorporated a certain new kind of technology.


  1. Would you like to ask any questions?


Once the interview is over, this question will probably be asked so make sure that you are prepared. Have a list of questions ready to ask the interviewer and make sure that you focus is on how you will able to fit into the position as well as aspects of the actual role. Make sure that you steer clear of questions regarding pay rates or vacations days; these are best saved for the offer stage.