The Best Reasons To Become A Teacher

It goes without saying that teaching is a very special calling and it is not a job that is going to suit everyone. The unfortunate truth is that some new teachers will actually leave teaching within three to five years of being in the field. However, there can be a great number of rewards that come with this incredible career. These are some of the best reasons why teaching is a wonderful profession to get into.

Student Potential

Not every student will see tremendous success in your class, yet you should never let this fact keep you from the belief that each student has the potential to power through. Student potential is extremely exciting and each year will bring new challenges and the potential for more success.

The Will To Succeed

Going along with the last reason, student success is something that is a very powerful driving force for any teacher to continue on. A student that may not have understood a concept and then finally grasped it with your help can be an exhilarating feeling. Once you reach that student that may have otherwise been written off, it can be well worth all of the headaches that come with teaching.

Teaching Also Means Learning

When you are teaching a particular subject, you are also going to benefit from learning it inside and out. The questions that your students will pose to you can help you dig even further into the subject matter, only building your knowledge. An old adage says that it will take three years of being on the job teaching to master a subject.

Daily Laughter

With a positive attitude and a sense of humor, you can find new and wonderful things to laugh about each day. Silly jokes that can be made up while you are teaching can also bring about laughter from your students. Kids can also share jokes and you are bound to learn from funny statements and truly enjoy yourself each day.

An Impact On The Future

It is true that teachers have the ability to mold the future of the world little by little with each day in the classroom. As a matter of fact, you will end up seeing some of your students more in the classroom each day than their own parents will.


Fountain Of Youth

The ability to be around young people each day can help you to stay young, knowledgeable and fresh when it comes to ideas and current trends. It can also help you to break down barriers.

Subject you loveIf you did a subject in university, then you probably love it. Being a teacher means you can teach your passion to others. Look at this great piece for science nerds becoming teachers on Capita Education’s blog

Classroom Autonomy

Once you end up closing your door to the classroom each day to begin the lesson, you have the ability to mold the daily tasks. There are not many jobs available today that offer individuals this level of creativity each day.

Teaching And Your Family

If you happen to have children, your school calendar will usually be just right for allowing you the same days off that your kids have. Even when you are bringing home work to grade at the end of the day, you will probably still get home at the same time as your kids for quality time.