Employment Screening Resources

Employee screenings use legal, medical, human resource, and other government offices related records to get a good insight into a job applicant’s background. They must have access to these records in various government offices such as the DMV, criminal records bureau, medical institutions, and schools.

All pre-employment screening companies are able to check into the criminal background of the applicant. In the event the applicant had filed for bankruptcy or has a bad credit history, it will be mentioned in the report as it might reflect badly when the company provides the employee with a corporate credit card that can be misused. Criminal records or recorded instances of violence in the work place might also be considered against the candidate. Drugs and sexual abuse are other offenses that can be easily unearthed during the screening.

With the resources available to the investigative agencies these days, there is practically nothing about the applicant that they cannot unearth. Companies encourage candidates to not provide falsified resumes or hide something vital that might affect the job or the company in the future.

As your safe hiring partner, ESR offers a professional service, as opposed to firms that are just low cost data vendors. ESR does not take short-cuts such as sending applicant data off shore to India or relying upon cheap and inaccurate databases instead of REAL BACKGROUND checks. ESR is fast becoming the leader and provider of choice for online pre-employment screening services.

* ESR specializes in consulting with employers and Human Resources and Security professionals. They are your hiring partners, not just a data service.
* ESR has its own in-house legal staff to ensure compliance with applicable laws.
* ESR offers state of the art Internet technology to deliver pre-employment background reports directly to your computer with the click of a mouse. Know the status of your reports 24-hours a day.
* ESR sets-up the entire program and provides all necessary forms.
* ESR specializes in criminal and civil court records nationwide, driving records, credit checks, social security traces, employment references, educational verifications, drug tests, and more.
* ESR provides FAST TURNAROUND times with reports that highlight, summarize, and explain the information reported.

EMPLOYMENT SCREENING RESOURCES is the choice of companies who want uncompromising quality, experience and expertise.

ESR specializes in background screenings. ESR is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) and Human Resources consulting firm providing pre-employment screening reports to Employers, Human Resources and Security departments. Their exceptionally qualified staff is dedicated to promoting a safe and profitable workplace through employment pre-screening and credentials verification. ESR combines human resources, public records and legal expertise in providing your company with fast, accurate and cost-effective employment pre-screening .

They understand that companies need a program that fits seamlessly into their hiring practices. Their focus is in working with Human Resources and Security Departments. Unlike other firms, ESR is not just a data gathering service providing computer printouts or raw data. Their reports make the information easy to understand. They look for “red flags” that may concern an employer. They provide human resources policy notes where applicable based upon industry standards. Because the applicants they screen may become your trusted employees, the process is designed to respect applicant privacy.