Online Job Search – How to Find a Job Efficiently

You can use a variety of tools that can land you a job fairly quickly. You can scan the newspaper ads: mind you, don’t miss the classifieds, and do not keep your focus only on the larger ads that appear. The classified are a good source because in difficult circumstances, the employers are also trying to save money. Scrutinise them closely to see whether they meet your requirements.

Get to an employment agency or agencies. Hand out your well written resumes to them, and find time to sit with them to explore possibilities, within your present location, and at other locations. They are the guys who know which company is looking for what kind of talent. And their network is vast. They could find a job for you in another location. You have to be willing to relocate. Employment agencies are recommended because companies use them too. So you have a very good chance in landing the right job.

Another alternative are the various websites which offer employment advice and notices for a fee. Try the internet, and use them. If you don’t know such sites, you can always use the search engines, and type in employment agencies, and if you are interested in a particular place, include that in your search. It will throw up a number of them, some of them specializing in your kind of employment and experience.

Another way would be to inform your friends, relatives, and associates (not those employed with you), that you are looking, and looking seriously. Most jobs often are passed on by word of mouth, and maybe you could get lucky.

If you are interested in particular companies, it does not hurt to call them, and get their email ids, and send them your resume, with a covering letter. Most of the companies have websites, and they entertain online recruitment forms. Fill as many as you can, taking care that you do meet the requirements. That increases your chances.

A Guide To Executive Recruitment Consultancies

First point of call is the company website. Any company claiming executive and management positions will have a website that caters toward that industry, it is for clients as well as candidates. Navigate through it looking at news and events, examine the trade fairs and training courses that they have attended. Evaluate the executive jobs they are displaying on the website, then compare it to your own company requirements and trade magazine listings.
Check when jobs have been updated and whether there are overdue jobs still listed on the website.

Networking is a big part of seeking executive jobs so discuss with contacts what recruitment consultancies they have used or more importantly which their company prefers to work with. If you are targeting executive jobs in a specific company then find out which recruitment consultancy they deal with and win favour with them.

A great technique for whittling out the specialists is to use online job searches and recruitment websites. You do not even need to register, just search whatever job you are looking for, look at the various specifications and earning brackets then look at what companies are posting the jobs. If an agency has numerous executive jobs in your pay range then they are worth contacting.

As executive jobs covers a multitude of industries it is essential that the specialist agency you work with understands the individual clients they represent. Ask specific questions about positions and companies and always try and get everything in writing for traceability purposes. Many jobs are not advertised so build a relationship of trust with the agency.
Avoid joining many different agencies as this will affect your relationship with the specialist agency.

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