The Essence Of Tests In Employee Selection

In the previous years, most employers just relied on the traditional methods of reading resumes and conducting personal interviews in picking applicants to fill in their vacant positions. However, the significance of tests was eventually considered and it is, in fact, now one of the best ways to hire the ideal employee.

Testing can be done by group especially if a large number of applicants are involved, by individual assessment which is common in the recruitment of managers or executives and by assessment centres which is used for employee promotions and recruitment of executives and graduates.

Personality tests and other types of psychological tests normally measure an individual’s characteristics and emotional state. Specifically, they help determine a person’s values, skills and interests as well as your aptitude for certain types of jobs. Career counselors use these tests in the self-assessment segment of the career planning process. The Color Quiz and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are just two of the commonly used personality tests.

Career tests are used to find out which jobs match an individual’s personality. They are helpful in planning a person’s professional career so although some takers may not be amenable to it, it’s advisable to have an open mind and be honest in answering the questions if possible.

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