How to Write a Resume

Making your own resume for a job application may not seem to be tough job. However if you are planning for a definite category of job then you need to follow a definite format and some guidelines.

You need to proceed in an organized manner and must discard the practice of writing details randomly. A perfect resume is that which attracts the employer to go through it and guarantee you an interview call. Remember to use spaces between the various contents of your resume. An untidy resume doesn’t, It create a good impression. To begin you must submit the necessary information about yourself like your name and address, contact details, blood group and others. Then you can proceed with your academic qualifications and job experiences. However you can also start with your name, education, professional experiences at the beginning and then carry on with your personal details. This shows you are giving 1st priority to your academic and professional field and then your personal details. It also helps the employer to quickly go through your resume. You can use a different font while configuring your professional experience. Try to make this field marked in bold letters. Just signify your designation and years or experience in the field. Use of a perfect page layout and design is preferable. Avoid making your resume from being too lengthy as no one will have the time to go through it. Try to complete in one or two pages. Always give a properly printed resume.