Hospitality Careers: When to Hire a Recruiter

The Hospitality industry relies heavily on recruitment firms. Most career driven managers have a long-term relationship with a recruiter.  Most new management candidates in the restaurant and hotel industry rarely understand the importance of finding a hospitality recruitment firm, and working with them, until it is too late.


What is a Hospitality Recruitment Firm and Why Do I Need One?

A hospitality recruitment firm offers more than a job bank of restaurant, hotel, and casino job postings. They are more than resume writers and distributors. A recruiter’s job is to put the right person in the right job. Their goal is to increase the chances that a Candidate wills stay in a position ‘long term’. In fact, if you leave before finishing one year, it negatively impacts a recruitment firm.

The hospitality recruiter knows the employer. They are familiar with the needs of the company, but more important they understand the preferences of the Human Resources Department. They will know whether you have a good chance of landing a job, or not.

This is where people become confused when working with a recruitment firm. They do not ‘blast’ their client’s resumes to every job post. If they did the clients wouldn’t hire them. The recruiter only sends 2 or 3 perfect matches. This saves the client money and resources, making it invaluable working with a recruitment firm.

What Can a Hospitality Recruiter Do for Me?

When most people think of a recruiter they have 2 perceptions. The first is that the recruiter will write their resume for them. The second is that the recruiter will be ‘beating the pavement’ trying to sell their services.

Both are wrong. A recruiter can only ‘sell’ what you bring to them. Yes, they can help fix mistakes in your resume, but in many cases, they cannot promote you above your skill set. They may also need to wait until they find a ‘matching job’ which in today’s economy is not an everyday occurrence.

If you are thinking of changing jobs in the future then a recruiter can tell you what skills are in demand. What personality traits make a good manager. And whether you are in the right job. A Hotel manager doesn’t need the same skill set as a restaurant manager.

A recruiter can help you determine whether you need to join an association, or advance your education. If you approach a recruiter with a ‘dream job’, let’s say you want to be a restaurant manager. You define what type of restaurant manager you want to be, from general manager to kitchen manager. The recruiter can tell you the ‘real’ restaurant manager salary expectations. They can tell you who lands the job, and who doesn’t. More important, they can tell you why. They can help you create a career path. Maybe your expectations are too high for landing a job right now. Discuss with the manager what might be a good job to take, and which types of jobs will ‘dead end’ your career.

A Restaurant Management Candidate

The recruiter can help you turn yourself into a viable candidate. They can help you brand yourself so that you can sell yourself. Because, no matter what the recruiter does for you, it will be you, and only you in the job interview.