The Positives and Negatives of Career Fairs

You may feel that there are very few places for you to search if you want to launch a career instead of simply finding a job. Oftentimes, career fairs seem like the perfect place in which to locate the ideal entry-level position. Career fairs, as with many aspects of life, have both positive and negative factors. The information below will cover both the good and bad aspects of career events.

The Positive Side of Career Fairs

1. Career events are the perfect place to practice your networking skills. You will inevitably meet representatives from a variety of companies. Utilize the social nature of a career fair to hand-out your resume, but also exchange business cards or other personal contact information with a few of the representatives you speak to. By taking the initiative to enhance your professional relationships, you may quickly find yourself with numerous interviews or job offers.

2. Career events can be surprisingly educational. They may, for example, offer seminars in resume writing, interview skills, or proper business attire. You will also probably discover local companies that you did not know about prior to the fair. This offers you additional locations to apply when you begin sending out more applications.

3. Remember that no two career fairs are run in exactly the same fashion. For example, some fairs let businesses that are not actively searching for new employees attend, while others only allow companies that are currently hiring. If you do come into contact with a company that is currently hiring, you may be able to obtain an interview during the career fair. Oftentimes, these informal interviews can lead to a request for a second interview or, more rarely, a formal job offer.

The Negative Side of Career Fairs

1. Though there is a possibility of finding a wonderful job at a career event, they also require an excessive amount of time. You will not only need to dedicate one or two days to the event itself, but will have to find time to prepare in the days before. You will have to, for example, print a multitude of resumes, carefully choose your clothing, and practice your interview skills. If you do not gain interviews or job offers from the career event, this extensive preparation can feel worthless. Additionally, if you are currently employed and are simply exploring other options, you will probably need to take at least one day off of work to attend the fair.

2. Not all fairs have a fee associated with them, but some do. However, if the fair you are considering does have an entry fee, you may feel as if you are wasting money if your attendance does not have the desired results. If making ends meet is a current problem in your household, it may be best to avoid attending any career fairs that require payment.

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Why You Should Attend Career Fairs

All throughout your college career, you most likely were told by your career counselor that you should be attending as many career fairs as possible. Although this sounds like good advice, the reality is that many college students and recent graduates have never attended a fair. These are great places to really advance your career and even make great contacts for the future. The main reason why every college student and recent college graduate should attend these is because of all the opportunities they will find. Most students these days look online for their jobs. Although this is great, there still are many companies that do not post jobs online. By not attending job fairs, you could be missing out on your dream job opportunity.

Another reason why career fairs are great experiences for college students and graduates is because it gives you somewhat of an exposure into the real world. Although you are not attending work with these companies, you are given insight into how demanding the job force is right now. It actually can motivate you to find a job because you will see all the competition. Many college students just assume that they will find a job eventually. While this might be true for the lucky ones, the reality of it is that you will not just be handed a job at your graduation. You need to see for yourself that work actually is required to find a job.

Attending job fairs also is a great idea because you are able to make an impression with the company. When you simply e-mail or mail in your resume and cover letter, odds are it will look exactly like all the other resumes they have received for the same job. If you go to a career fair, you are given the opportunity to speak with one of the hiring agents. Even if you get just five minutes of one-on-one time with them, that is more than you would have had sitting at home. Those five minutes could make a lasting impression – enough that you get a call back interview.

A great idea to do is to try to attend career fairs while you still are in college. The reason for this is because you will gain the experience you need to master making great first impressions. This could eliminate the time after your graduation before you get a job. You might even impress a company so much because you took the initiative to attend a career fair before you graduated that they might hire you as an intern or remember you and therefore grant you a job when you graduate.