A Look At Work Within The Social Housing Sector

I think the best approach from the very start is to be totally honest; work within the Social Housing Sector has many challenges and difficult moments. That being said, it also has the potential to give much job satisfaction and provide the right candidate with the opportunity to make significant and positive changes.

I have spent several years recruiting within this sector and never stop being amazed at how many candidates had not initially even thought about a career in Social Housing, yet they have developed a career where they work closely with tenants and provide a real difference to their life quality. Some of my candidates came from the world of Customer Services, using the skills they already had learned to help them deal with vulnerable tenants in need of assistance. In my opinion, one of the greatest pluses for working in Social Housing, is that you can put any skills you already have to good use, as the choice of roles if very wide.

We often hear it said that you need a set number of years to even be considered for a new role, some even say as many as 5 years is necessary. In my experience, the Social Housing Sector isn’t like this at all. I search for candidates who have good commitment, are hard workers and show a good level of determination in what they do.

Granted you may need to start off on a temporary contract and really pull out all the stops in showing your worth, however there are possibilities out there for the taking. You may be required to take extra training to build up your CV, but that is an avenue that Service Care Solutions are happy to support you on.

If you find yourself out of work, or unhappy in your current role and ready for a new direction in your future career, head over to our jobs page and check out which roles are available. I’m willing to talk to anyone who thinks that working within the Housing Sector could give them the the type of career that will provide job satisfaction for many years to come.

If you’re looking for work in the housing sector after reading this, then check out Capita Specialist recruitment – they have plenty of jobs and are well worth taking a look at.