7 Facts LinkedIn Job Seekers Should Know

LinkedIn Job Seekers- Are you prepared to land your next job?

This article will teach you how to become an effective LinkedIn job seeker, even if you aren’t currently seeking a new career.If you have future career aspirations this post is for you, so keep reading…

Do you remember your first day of work at your current job or even the last job you held?If you can think back to your first day, then there is a high probability you are like most of us, and you were nervously excited to take the next step in your career path.The nervous yet exciting feelings fade, and we settle into routine and comfort. Then, the career itch happens and we decide to start the job hunt.

  50% of full-time employees are actively job seeking.

You know the routine. We all know the grind!You wake up, drive to work, commute in traffic, then eat, wash and repeat.

It isn’t surprising that one in three employees change jobs every six months.

Career Move: Those who are prepared vs unprepared

Let’s face it, we all want to move to the next precipice in our lives. Miley Cyrus had it right, there is always going to be another mountain, and I’m always going to want to make it move.You know what I mean. The one step Miley left out of the song was,”Are you prepared to search for our next career goal when the urge hits?”If you answered yes, congratulations! You are among the few proactive individuals who stay on their game year-round.And.. If you answered yes,  are you positive your resume is tailored to the job you are applying for?Is your resume optimized for readability?Is your LinkedIn network ready for scrutiny by top recruiters and search engines?Well, if you are like the rest of us, who completed the basic requirement to complete our LinkedIn profile registration then never engaged with it.At least not like our Facebook or Twitter accounts.Now, I know what you are thinking, does any of this resume and LinkedIn stuff really matter?Continue reading and you will understand, I promise.

One reason you should care is..
LinkedIn 2016 Global Talent Trends:

39% of Job Acquisitions are In-House Referrals

30% of Job Acquisitions are influenced by professional networking on LinkedIn.

 Four Reasons: LinkedIn Seeker Should Care

1. LinkedIn is a job seeker professional toolbox.

Let me give you the stats on LinkedIn and why you should care.LinkedIn is the number one social professional network, it’s free personal promotion and community engagement.It is a well-known fact that job recruiters use LinkedIn to search for job candidates and to vet applicants.If you don’t have an account, get one, it’s free.LinkedIn profiles matter, even if you are not currently in the job market. If you have career aspirations, networking today will lead to tomorrow’s opportunities.

2.  LinkedIn job seeker and recruiter statistics.

The statistics are clear that job seeking professionals utilize LinkedIn to network with other professionals and the results are beneficial.Top job recruiters use LinkedIn’s paid subscriptions to search, find and interact with potential job applicants.Recruiters are utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to funnel in the best talent into their companies.LinkedIn’s Talent Solution subscriptions are a no-brainer for competitive companies wanting to vet job candidates.

Top recruiters are more actively engaged with LinkedIn’s recruiting tools than the average recruiter by 60%.

3. How do Facebook and Twitter measure up?

How do the other players in social media perform against LinkedIn recruiter engagement and job acquisition?

Facebook came in second at 26% and Twitter fell in at 15%.

So, the next time your friends says LinkedIn is not worth the time, you can give him your best half grin.

4. Are LinkedIn job seekers landing jobs?

With the rise in popularity of social platforms over the last decade, people can connect instantaneously with each other and information.It is certain, that our interactions with friends, family, and acquaintances have been influenced by the shift in interactions through social networks.Why does this matter?The instant real-time access to connect with professionals (in and outside of your current community) is changing the playing field, so much that it has almost been leveled against in-house referrals.In-house referrals are not the only game changer!

5 Best LinkedIn Job Seeker Profile Practices

1. Complete your LinkedIn Profile.

You need a completed LinkedIn profile. Profiles that are incomplete don’t rank in search queries.

2. Your profile picture matter.

You need a profile picture. Consider paying a professional photographer for a headshot. Post a picture of yourself that makes you look both professional and approachable.

3. Profile Summaries are a must.

Do not copy your profile summary from your resume. Your summary is not meant to be formal, you need to be personable, and remember do not speak in the third person.

4. Don’t get lazy with job summaries:

Once again, do not copy your job summaries from your resume descriptions. Be specific about the job tasks and outcome from each position.

Use measurable performance indicators, for example, $100,000 secured in sponsorship dollars.

5. Optimize your LinkedIn account for SEO!

Remember to utilize the same core concepts used in google SEO when creating your LinkedIn profile. Pay close attention to keywords for job descriptions and titles.

Try to be less technical and more practical when writing job titles and description.Example: Generic Job Title FixPerhaps, your job title is generic, you are the Director and you work for a startup selling a service. But, you have been tasked as the lead sales person heading up client meetings and advertising. In this case, it is best to highlight that you manage sales and marketing, this will allow recruiters to find the real skills you have.

5  Ways To Interact With Your LinkedIn Profile.

1. Don’t treat LinkedIn like a spectator sport.

Your LinkedIn profile is not a spectator sport!

Create crafty and informative status updates, share articles in your job field, and share posts that show your interests.Remember, it’s possible to show your personality, and act professionally.

2. You must reach out and connect.

Connect with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. You reach out by searching your suggested connections.

Take those businesses cards you’ve collected throughout the week and connect with the names on them through LinkedIn.

Reach out to connections and once they accept, work on building a social-professional relationship.

3. Build business relationships.

Build social professional relationships by liking and sharing your connections content, status, etc.

4. Join Groups.

Join groups to find organic connections, you might even have some fun. Joining groups will help you will show off your personality and send the message that you aren’t lazy to job recruiters.


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