10 Tips For Helping Graduates Succeed in Their First Job

  1. 1. Having An Open Mind

Try to work in different types of conditions and with people of different types as much as possible. Introduce yourself to a different person each day, volunteer yourself for seemingly interesting projects, and be comfortable with the knowledge that it is impossible to know everything.

  1. 2. Being Measured

Ensure that both your manager and you share a similar point of view on success. You should have daily priorities that align with the broader goals of the business.

Make sure that whatever you do is important for the success of the business as a whole by performing a weekly check-in.

  1. 3. Have A Collaborative Persona

Back in school, self-focus was the name of the game. Teamwork is now the name of the game. If you are not collaborative, you will have a hard time finding success and you won’t get much fulfilment out of your day. Avoid being a lone wolf.

  1. 4. Exercise Patience

Things will go wrong sometimes. Use such moments as opportunities for accelerating the development of your growth and self-awareness. You cannot run away once something fails to go your way. Remain involved and be the personification of the change that you desire to see. Perhaps you will work in an internship (tips from Berkeley), perhaps a graduate scheme (here’s some help from the Npower blog) or perhaps go straight into a job.

  1. 5. Have Flexibility

Even when you are not particularly in love with your first job ensure that you do it well and try to find ways of empowering others to perform their roles well. If you can prove that you are resourceful and useful, your co-workers, leaders, and other companies will want you to be on their team.

An entry-level position is an opportunity.  If you can be an asset for the organization, then the organization will also be good to you. If you are able to persist and do a job that you do not like well, just imagine what you can achieve once you discover your passion.

  1. 6. Have Resilience

When you fail in college, it is an indication that you never learned and might not graduate. It is all very clear. You will fail in your career and once you do, you learn some very valuable lessons that you can carry with you for the remainder of your career. Handle mistakes gracefully and turn them into action as opposed to inaction. Avoid hanging your head. Move forward by bouncing back and taking whatever you have learned. Here are some tips for resilience.

  1. 7. Being Proactive

Some people just wish for things to happen, others want things to happen while other make things happen. Be involved in the business and discover ways of being proactive. Use your strengths for driving impact and identifying areas of weakness where your engagement in particular project helps you refine your skillset.


  1. 8. Practice Humility


All great athletes, artists, or entrepreneurs will tell you that they did not reach the apex of their careers by themselves. Be open-minded since you will need many mentors throughout the course of your career. You will find many interesting people that you can borrow a leaf from throughout your career.

  1. 9. Have Curiosity

Learning never ceases. Be conscious of all that is happening around you. Read books that are of interest to you and follow trends that can help your business. You will never feel irrelevant if you maintain a passion for learning.

  1. 10. Being Gracious

Ensure that you highlight the “how” over the “what” as you continue being successful. It is not just about putting points on the board or just scoring touchdowns. How you reached this level is probably the result of work done by others to help you out.